Welcome to MyPeegu

My Peegu is an online Tool that is dedicated exclusively for the child of today. Apart from the obvious parent child teacher relation, this Tool bridges the gap between parents and teachers, thereby allowing both to work closely on upbringing the child.

The overall development of the child cannot be attributed to a single factor. On one hand there are parents who are the 1st Teacher and on the other hand there are teachers who are the 2nd parents to the child. Hence it is of utmost importance for the parents and teachers to join hands and work towards excelling the development of the child.

Hi, I am Leader Peegu

I always take initiative to do work and love to be in charge of things.

Hi, I am Adventurer Peegu

To others I might be Mischievious and naughty but they all admit that there is never a dull moment when I am around.

Hi, I am Follower Peegu

I Follow instructions word by word and execute directions to perfection. I will not dare to do anything other than what is being told and hence I am Teacher's favorite student.

Hi, I am Empathizer Peegu

Sharing and caring comes very easily to me. I am very sensitive to others pain.


Behavior Traffic Signal

  • The positive and improvement aspects of each child are shown through the traffic signal system.

General developmental report

  • Overall development of the child is monitored and reported to the parents.

Reward system

  • Active participation will fetch goodies to parents and teachers.
  • Monitors the behaviour and academic performance of the child.
  • Saves time and energy as PTM is a click away.
  • First hand information on "what is happening in class as well as school".
  • Focuses on the overall development of the child.
  • Strengthens the bond between parents and child as activities require the involvement of both.
  • Brings Parents and Teachers closer because of updates.